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 Summer, sun and archipelago.

The Finnish archipelago is unique and one of the most amazing and exotic locations for spending your holidays and rejuvenating yourself. If you are coming to Finland and haven’t checked out the beautiful South West archipelago, you probably haven’t seen Finland at all. Nagu and the surrounding archipelago will catch your attention at the very first sight. You will adore it for its peacefulness, untouched nature, serene atmosphere and sunny weather.

Nagu Marina in Nagu village centre is the premier marina in the South West Archipelago. Services in the marina are versatile and the marina is in the middle of an active, traditional archipelago and seafaring area.

The local attractions include shops, restaurants and cafés, hotels, art, beach, and events. There is a lot to see and visit in the village centre and in the neighboring area. In the marina you find most of the services needed when boating and within a few minutes walking distance are groceries, pharmacy, liquor store (Alko), banks, market place etc.


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