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The harbour office is closed for this season.

The season is in its final stages for 2020. The harbour still offers mooring spots and electricity at least until the end of November for 15 €/day.

All other services are closed for the season.

Thank you for a wonderful summer season and we hope to see you again next year!

Summer, sun
and the archipelago

The Finnish archipelago is unique and one of the most amazing and exotic locations for spending your holidays and rejuvenating yourself. If you are coming to Finland and haven’t checked out the beautiful South West archipelago, you probably haven’t seen Finland at all. Nagu and the surrounding archipelago will catch your attention at the very first sight. You will adore it for its peacefulness, untouched nature, serene atmosphere and sunny weather. Nagu Marina in Nagu village centre is the premier marina in the South West archipelago. The services in the marina are versatile and the marina is in the middle of an active, traditional archipelago and seafaring area. The local attractions include shops, restaurants and cafés, hotels, art, beach, as well as events. There is a lot to see and visit in the village centre and in the neighbouring area. In the marina you find most of the services needed when boating and within a few minutes walking distance are groceries, pharmacy, liquor store (Alko), banks, market place etc. WELCOME TO NAGU!

How does it sound to tuck into the perfectly constructed burger, begin the weekend with a glass of sparkling wine at the beachside bar or a true “Breakfast with a view” amidst enchanting archipelago surroundings? Båthuset is a casual bistro offering great variety with its delicious breakfast selection, pastries and sumptuous meals. The Beach Bar’s stunning cocktails and wide range of drinks make those summer stress-free moments even more amazing. The bar also serves mouth-watering non-alcoholic mocktails.


Delicious food, effortlessly at your own berth!

Our Hamn Menu service brings you tasty menu right to the marina. Call and order in advance, and we’ll deliver to your berth.

The Hamn Menu service is available the entirety of the summer season, with changing schedules every month.

Ask us about availability and enjoy enchanting meals in a careless way!

Kausi alkaa olemaan tältä kaudelta ohi

Mikäli haluat vielä veneillä ja tulla satamaan ovat laiturit ja sähköt käytettävissä 15 €/vrk ainakin marraskuun ajan. Muut sataman palvelut ovat tältä kaudelta loppuneet.

Kiitos kaikille asiakkaille ja nähdään taas ensi keväänä!