Day parking

A day trip to Nauvo?

Free guest berths can be found at Nagu Guest Marina from 10 am to 5 pm. These places are numbered 100-107 (max W3.2, L10m) and are located directly in front of the harbour office. Places are clearly marked with signs. These places are free for 2-3h.

There are also a few places for day guests in front of restaurants Léscale and Najaden. The harbour personnel can assist boats to moor to the side of other boats.

There are some buoy berths for larger boats (108-114). There is a charge of 15€ for these spots. Other spots will be charged full price.

There are about 35 free day berths in Nauvo South Harbor.

Harbour staff will assist if needed.


For safety reasons, harbour personnel must have the contact information for each visiting boat. Therefore, we require that each customer visit the port office to provide their contact information. The berth number must be known.

Nauvon vierasvenesatama Puistotie 7b, 21660 NAUVO Harbour office: +358400552923 Business ID: 0998046-3


Beams 100 – 107
(max 3.2 x 10m)

Buoys 108 – 114
(max length 16m)


10am – 5pm (2-3h)


Beams 100-107: 0€
Buoys 108-114: 15€

Other spots - see price list

Kausi alkaa olemaan tältä kaudelta ohi

Mikäli haluat vielä veneillä ja tulla satamaan ovat laiturit ja sähköt käytettävissä 15 €/vrk ainakin marraskuun ajan. Muut sataman palvelut ovat tältä kaudelta loppuneet.

Kiitos kaikille asiakkaille ja nähdään taas ensi keväänä!